Dragon simulator

Dragon simulator

Dragons are among those incredible creatures, about which there are legends and tell numerous myths. There is no man who as a child did not read fairy tales involving dragons or watch cartoons about them. Well, with the advent of the era of computer games, these simultaneously beautiful and terrible creatures migrated to the virtual world. Beginning to play this fascinating game of realism, you will get in the Middle Ages, when mankind perceived the dragons as their enemies. To start the game you should decide on the name of your creature, as well as what sex it will be. In addition, you need to choose the element that the dragon will represent. There is a choice of four elements: fire, air, water and nature. The location of the game is the area where the human settlement is located. Dragons used to huddle on these lands, but one day people came and founded a large village. They built houses for themselves, raised cattle and gradually the whole territory was occupied. This state of affairs did not suit the dragons at all and they were going to change the situation by hunting people. You will control a powerful and mighty dragon that is able with its fiery breath to incinerate a small settlement. Performing all sorts of interesting tasks will bring money into the piggy bank, as well as increase the ability of the dragon itself. When your armored ward reaches a certain level of development, it will be allowed to create their own family. You will also have to hunt animals in order to get food for your family. As you probably know, dragons love to accumulate various treasures and valuable artifacts. So your character will have his own lair, where the accumulated wealth will bring you power and invincibility. Feel in the skin of the dragon and live a rich life.
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