Racing on the Dragons

Racing on the Dragons

Have you ever dreamed of flying faster than birds in the air? How about riding a dragon in the lord of heaven? If these words did not leave you indifferent, then we suggest you make your dreams come true in this game. A cartoon character named Hiccup invites you to ride dragons with him. Hiccup Vallok was the first Viking to make friends with the dragon, which were considered the absolute enemies of the human race. His new dragon friend, Toothless, is one of the smartest creatures in the world called The Night of the Furies. These dragons not only have high intelligence, but can also fly faster than lightning and very originally exhale the usual flame from their mouths. You will be taking part in a grand dragon race. You'll have to win it. However, we warn you that it will not be easy because especially for this competition, the organizers have tried very hard and prepared a very difficult track on which you will meet on the way huge boulders, narrow passages in the rocky mountains, other difficult obstacles. And other participants of the tournament are not going to let you fly to the finish line with the leader. So you're gonna have to try. We wish you good luck!
:Control of the game Гонки на Драконах
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