Bimo play with me!

Bimo play with me!

A new adventure awaits you today. We invite you to visit the tree house where Finn and Jake live. Here you can have a lot of fun with Bimo's mini computer. He loves to play games and is always ready to take part in the adventure. Fun computer will ask you a small task, in which you expect a lot of amazing things. You will have to search the entire cabin to find the hidden Bimo games for your computer. For example, to play with Jake at the snake, you have to collect crystal apples. Or to throw a bottle at the inhabitants of the Empire of Sweetness, you have to give it to the naughty penguin Gunther. And the vampire queen Marcelin would love to play guitar with you. You can also travel with Finn, dance with Princess Pupyrka, fly with the Snow King or run with obstacles along with pretty Princess Bubblegum. You're sure to have a lot of fun and it won't be hard at all. We wish you to have a good time and have fun!
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