Pies and Feats

Pies and Feats

Begins another interesting adventure! Jake and Finn are visiting Peg Legend to taste her delicious apple pie. While they were enjoying their tea and apple pie, they had a very promising idea: they wanted to open a cafe right at Peg Legend's house. All the more so because soon there will be a significant festive event in Slasti's empire. In the new cafe everyone can order a pie with any filling, magic ingredients to which Finn has committed to get. You have a very important place to play in this game. Jake's dog will collect the orders from customers, and Peg Leg will bake pies in his extraordinary oven. You and Finn need to bring in unique ingredients for stuffing. Among the guests you should expect all the important characters of this land and friends of our heroes. Among them will be Princess Flame, Limonhvat, Princess Pupyrka, Vampire Lord Marcelin, Princess Bublgum, Abracadan, Baby Pig and many other characters. Help feed them all with magic pies and have fun!
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