Blow it up 5

Blow it up 5

We invite you to take part in a new competition between robots, where you will meet new characters and new playgrounds. Among the new characters you can distinguish between a football player and a green cutie. They just appeared in the team, but are already ready to demonstrate a great game. Of course, only under your control. The new arenas are also available for the game, and they are notable for their beauty. There are six of them, as in previous versions, but they are completely updated. Now the bombs will start to explode in the cinema, the library, the birthday party, the zoo, the shop and the pastry shop. In this part of the game you can also choose how many players, enemies and levels you want. In addition, you will have the choice of any of four mini battles: Green Zone, Coin Collection, Steep Disassembly and Arcade. Also be sure to determine the level of difficulty, which can be easy, medium and heavy. And in the battles themselves you have absolute freedom: bomb your enemies, collect bonuses and do not let them blow you up. If you are ready to start, then go ahead and become the best bomber in the history of the game!
:Control of the game Взорви Это 6 
 - бросить бомбу / использовать бонус.
Управление для второго игрока:

Клавиша "Enter" - бросить бомбу / использовать бонус.
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