On the site Oigri.com contains the best board games in "computer execution". They will especially appeal to those who love to play checkers, chess, lotto, dominoes, etc., but do not burn desire to buy in the store "checkered fields" knuckles, sets of chips, dice and other attributes. In the role of a worthy opponent can act your own computer or gadget. Also, we have card and board online games for two players, in which you can pair up with a friend. We believe that this is a great way to spend time, because board games contribute to the development of intelligence and the acquisition of useful qualities. Devoted to your favorite pastime you can at any time, because the services of our site can be used around the clock and free of charge. Board games with a cube and chips in english, as well as mahjongas, checkers, "Rubik's Cube", "Rubik's Cube", "Rubik's Crosses", "Sea Battle" do not require special skills. And if you don't know the rules of any "toy", you won't even have to look into the manual to learn them. It's so simple that you can learn during the game. Table football and tennis can also be found in this section!

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