"Bad pigs" can put a good pig on any gamer: make him spend hours on a computer monitor. Bad Piggies is an arcade puzzle game created by Angry Birds. The heroes of free online Bad Piggies games are green pigs, which at one time were fierce opponents of evil birds. Now these piggies have completely different tasks, which boil down to egg absorption. But without cars and devices, they won't be able to have a "belly party", so without special devices the gamer can't pass the level. The full version of Bad Piggies game implies the passing of levels. Of course, the simplest ones are the first ones, but gradually the tasks will become more difficult, because the vehicles will have to be assembled from more details. In addition, the pig animals are sloppy, so they are still trying to break something. If you're a determined man, you'll get to the end. Except how long it'll take no one knows. On the site Oigri.com you can start playing the online bad pigs game for free and without registration right now.

Bad Pigs Games online

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