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According to experts in the field of computer "toys" arcade games are most common. They are loved for the variety of subjects, simplicity and accessibility. Few people know that the prototype of modern online arcade games were slot machines installed in places where there are large crowds. A huge number of arcade games were designed for gaming consoles that won the hearts and minds of "children of the nineties. Under the definition of "arcade games for boys and girls" include fighting games, shooters, races, etc. But this genre does not apply to the role-playing simulators. Arcade games adventure, roamers, shooters, where the role of key characters involved cartoon characters. They are looking for a way out of the mazes, catch criminals with chases and shootings, fighting against the living dead, achieving the goal, collecting bonuses on the way to it. In their essence, they are platformers, which will always be relevant. The term "platformer" is also derived from the nineties. And this word is accepted to designate "toys" in which the character moves on steps-platforms. Bright examples are the blue Sonic hedgehog and the legendary Super Mario. On the site are presents free arcade games , which can play any user without downloading and registration.
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