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Young people are seriously fond of Japanese cartoons and comics, and many characters have become so popular that "migrated" to computer games. Genre of anime , in demand, and this fact does not even require proof. On the site you will find free anime games with a variety of subjects, and meet again with your favorite characters. Genre directions: 1. Sports. This is an online game of Anime, where you can compete with the enemy in agility, accuracy and strength. 2. Arrangement of space, the creation of interior rooms. 3. "Find the Difference" games. Do not think that this is an entertainment for kids! 4. Martial arts involving magic. Such "toys" belong to the category of the most popular. And what's amazing: to play the game Anime like this plan love both boys and girls. 5. Fashion and the search for an image. Do not think that the essence of these "toys" is to dress up heroes in kimono. Japanese fashion is as versatile as European fashion! 6. Games "Create an anime character". Here you can create your own character big-eyed and "bangs", with a thin voice and all the features inherent in the heroes of Japanese comics.

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