The plot of the aliens game , with rare exceptions, is reduced to one thing: the Earth is attacked by aliens, and the inhabitants of the blue planet are forced to enter into confrontation with them. The invasion of alien creatures is always accompanied by colossal destruction. And the task of earthlings is to survive in these ruins. But on our site -, you will find other games about aliens, where the opposing sides are, for example, the living dead (zombies) and aliens. There are other options, "falling out of the loop". This is when the function of the invaders are not alien creatures, but earthlings with fantastic weapons and starships that can move around the galaxies. The people vs. aliensgame will especially like fantasy fans who have long lived in their fantasy world. Our "toys" are quite realistic, even though it is a flash version. You can start playing free online games about monsters and aliens right now, because the users of our site are exempt from the need to register, text and pay. If you do not like "military" stories, then you can give preference to games about aliens adventure character.

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