The adventures of Trollface

The adventures of Trollface

If you like adventure, then hurry up and start playing. Because here you will go on a great journey, which was lucky to win our old acquaintance Trollface. The game is sure to be interesting, because there is no greater varmint than our hero can not find on the Internet. There will be quite a lot of different levels, where you will need not only to think, but also to fantasize. Sometimes to solve the task will need to think very carefully. For example, during the settlement of the troll in the hotel will need to turn off one desk lamp, and the other just to throw in the garbage. Among other things, you will have to visit a variety of tourist attractions. In Pisa, for example, you will need to bind the Trollface against the Tower of Pisa so that the second troll cannot spoil the photo. So get ready for an interesting and crazy troll world.
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