Jumping in the Pipes

Jumping in the Pipes

 This game is local and offers a multiplayer competition in which 4 people or less can participate at once. Here you need to be able to maintain stability on the pipe, which will float on the water. And at the same time you will be prevented from maintaining a balance of protruding rocks, floating balls and water scattering around the fins of the shark. Floating predators themselves will even jump out of the water to attack an inaccessible swimmer. When the catapult throws your hero up, be sure to make sure that he landed on the floating pipe below. You will ride on the water using the structure floating on the surface of the sea. You can control the game with only one button, so you will get used to it quite quickly. When your comrade drops you up, try very hard to land safely back. So start playing together with one or more friends and try to surpass them. We wish you to win an exciting game!
:Control of the game Игрок 1
Прыжки в Трубах
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