To feel like a hostess of a restaurant, you just need to carefully read this section of the site and choose the appropriate game cafe. Such "toys" give you the opportunity to experience what it's like to be a director of the restaurant, chef, waiter or entrepreneur, taking the first steps in the restaurant business. Play free Café games can be right now, because our site offers a bright, colorful, original and very interesting options, including a penguin cafe and the establishment of Pope Louis. We have collected the best free cafe games for girls , which can be divided into several categories: Café games related to visitor service. In this case, the function of the client will be carried out by a young gamer, who when visiting a virtual institution dormitory can form an order. You may have to try on the role of a waitress! 2. Organizational strategies. An excellent option for those who see themselves as restaurant directors in the future. 3. Role-playing online cafe games including speed (given the task to be completed in a certain time). 4. Options related to the preparation of food.

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