Taxi driver in Miami

Taxi driver in Miami

 In this game you will be transported to the warm coast of the huge city of Los Angeles, where you can not try yourself as a driver of a car. You will need to perform a lot of special orders around the city, picking up passengers and so as quickly as possible bringing them to their destination. So that you do not have to personally search for passengers throughout the city, you will be carried out by a blue guide and marks on the deck, which will show you a place to park. The faster and better you do your job, the less reward you will receive. Equally for the money you will be able to buy new cars, which are imagined for you in the store. Total at your choice advises 3 cars, which are not quite a solid price, so the first time you will have to work on a typical car. There are 12 levels of fun in total, during which you will travel through the hectodar and visit all its corners. So get ready to work on the heat of the Miami coast!
:Control of the game Водитель Такси в Майами
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