Oigri.com has a whole collection of online games dedicated to gladiators.Swords and sandals games are already interesting in that each player can create their own hero. That is, you can choose your appearance, skin color, hairstyle. But most importantly, the player has the right to "set the settings" regarding the qualities that can be useful in combat. For example, it is the reaction rate or the ability to withstand superstrikes. All parts of the game Swords and cheat sandals (1, 2, 3, 4) are available to users of our Internet site at any time of day or night for free. How do you become a gladiator? Each character in the game Swords and Sandals has a different fate. For example, a victim of a shipwreck will first have to earn some money to buy equipment and perform in the gladiatorial arena. The duel almost always takes place according to the same scheme: steps, attacks, attacks. It's also possible to slightly tease your opponent and wear him out, at least morally. Play games about gladiators Swords and Sandals can be endless. Because your hero can, thanks to the options, "get" a completely exotic appearance. How about a gnome gladiator or a gladiator skeleton?!

Swords and Sandals Games online

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