The theme of war between humans and aliens from outer space affect and fiction writers, and creators of cartoon series, and filmmakers, and a developer of computer games. Raze is just one series of "toys" dedicated to this topic. No one knows exactly what war with other civilizations will look like, and online raze games is just one of many versions. For those who are not yet aware: Raze is a secret unit consisting of specialists with superpowers and various abilities. They are soldiers who can be seriously "pumped up" and made "castom". Raze games 1, 2, 3 with cheats are most preferable because cheats allow you to improve the plot and increase the speed of passing. In essence, it is a shooter, whose plot is tied to an alien attack on Earth. It is clear that the inhabitants of our planet have nothing left to do but confront these creatures.Online raze games is a great solution for those who love light and sound special effects. The developers have carefully worked out all the details, so gamers can enjoy the game without worrying about not very good graphics. At site you can start the game immediately.

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