Boys of all ages will certainly be interested in the game Plasma Blast, because at its core, it is a warrior. Only instead of firearms and cold guns plasma is used here. This includes: lightsabers, molecular canons, laser pistols and other fantastic weapons. On the site you will find the game Plasma Blast with Cheats, which is especially appealing to those who are used to perform non-standard actions. Thanks to this section, every gamer has a chance to go to a new, unknown world to check the action of super weapon. Robots and cyborgs are often the opponents, who are not "taken" neither arrow nor bullet. But they are very afraid of fantastic weapons, the choice of which in games Plasma Blast is huge! The gameplay is multi-faceted and multi-level, and during the passage of each level you will get into dangerous situations, the way out of which is sure to be found! Free games for boys Plasma Blast is available to everyone, and in order to play them, you do not need to pass the registration procedure! Prevent the death of an entire planet, protect this fragile world from hordes of cyborgs!

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