If you're in a bad mood or bored, we know how to fix it: sit at your computer and start playing madness games, which are a bit strange, but very exciting projects. They are designed for those who love to solve different problems, to smoke and enjoy their time. The determining factor is the choice of plot. And if some gamers will prefer the online culinary madness game , others will choose the game Madness: Project Nexus with Cheats. If you want to be a secret agent for the time being no less than a secret organization that owns all kinds of weapons, then choose the madness game : Nexus Project. In the gameplay you will have to resist a huge number of armed enemies, but first you need to be able to get to a well-protected area. Your hero will get into a serious "mix", but he should not despair, even if his gun does not run out of ammunition in time. After all, a "dead" gun can be thrown at the head of your opponent. At Oigri.com you will find a lot of other online madness games , and with a quite peaceful story. All online versions presented in the section are free and do not imply registration.

Madness Games online

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