Russian indie studio toffee games has released several "toys", the name of which in literal translation sounds as follows: "Earn and die" or "Earn on death". Of course, we are talking about Earn to Die games, which are available to all users. Start playing Earn to Die 2, 3, 4 games right now as they're free for all visitors who happen to be visiting this section by chance or purpose. This is a flash version, where the role of the protagonists play zombies, and the story itself is inextricably linked with racing and riding on a variety of vehicles on all types of pavements. Where does the game Earn to Die begin? By buying a car that needs to "pump". For this car is equipped with various curiosities in the form of all kinds of accelerators, guns and everything else that will be needed to destroy different-caliber zombies. They can be killed using different types of weapons, press the wheels of the car, and generally destroy all available methods. In the first part you will find yourself in a dreary desert, from which you can get out only by helicopter. The distance to the helicopter is 3000 feet, and to overcome them, you will have to try! Full versions of Earn to Die games are at your disposal!

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