Eastern martial arts and everything connected with them is a favorite theme for many boys. The developer constantly creates a variety of "toys" on this topic, which include familiar to all characters, as well as "ordinary" fighters. Dragon fist games are distinguished by the richness of subjects and beautiful graphics. Against your character on the "battlefield" may come not one, but several well-trained fighters. This means that you will have a hard time and every battle will be hot.At the site Oigri.com are presented free dragon fist games for two players or one. As for the choice of structure and plot, they are chosen at their own discretion. You can change your sparring partner at any time and change the program. While fighting, remember to collect bonuses. This will allow you to get to know mysterious warriors closely. And to get to know each other, you'll have to reach a certain status. In the section there is a game Dragon Fist 3 "Age of Warriors", as well as other units with and without cheats.Online versions of the dragon fist game are free, and to play them, you do not need to register, download and install software.

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