McCoy is a treasure hunting character, although he did not become a cactus immediately, but for objective reasons. He had to take this look in order to discover ancient secrets. So almost all the stories of online Cactus McCoy games is an adventure. Events take place in every corner of the world, not just in the "wild, wild West". If you want something unusual, then start playing the Cactus McCoy game , which with each new part becomes more interesting. Tasks for the character are becoming more and more complicated, but it's better to start with the small part, that is, with the first one to "get up to speed". And the "green prickly cowboy" has a lot to do, and he will have to do a lot of deeds and a lot of actions. At site are presented Cactus McCoy games : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 parts with and without cheats. In the gameplay you need to diligently collect bonuses and weapons, which will surely come in handy. And these are not only guns and guns, but darts as well. Coins that fall out of enemies when they're defeated are bonuses. Cactus McCoy's wanderer games mean that the hero must run, jump, fight, collect jewelry, look for treasure, and rescue his partner who gets into trouble.

Cactus McCoy Games online

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