Emoji Glass

Emoji Glass

Let's pump your intelligence and thinking speed. This game has prepared for you an interesting puzzle game together with a lot of emodsi. Emoji, as you know it's funny smileys. The main task in the game is to collect in a glass at the top of the smileys, which will fall on top of their pipes. Only at first glance, it might seem simple. After all, there will be more than enough obstacles that prevent emoji from getting into the cherished glass. You must make it as easy as possible for the smileys to get to their destination. For this purpose, you have at your disposal a special pencil with which you will draw auxiliary lines. Since a pencil is magic, the lines it draws will turn into special bridges. You will constantly have to think about where and how best to help the babies who fall out of the pipe. When it becomes very difficult, in this case, there are hints that will help you get out of the impasse. Finishing each level, you will receive points on your account, which can then be exchanged for new smileys and get a new pencil. The game is made so that not only small players, but also adults will enjoy it. Play and be satisfied!
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