Umizumi - Find Millie

Umizumi - Find Millie

You must know a girl in the Umizumi team named Millie. She has power over the patterns and is good at applying them. The girl is very skilful at changing the print of her dress or other objects, in such a clever way rather deftly disguising herself under them or hiding behind them. All this allows her to become very discreet. Millie offers to play hide and seek with her today. You'll need to find the girl anywhere she hides. The essence of the game is that you will be shown images of a large number of items on each of them. Millie is sure to be there too, but she can hide behind any object, whether it's a thing, a tree or a bush. In order not to be too difficult, at each level the girl will hint at the place where she will hide. It can be anything, but a hint will be necessary. Your job is to find where Millie is hiding with as few attempts as possible. Anyway, it won't be easy, because to use a hint you need to be familiar with a lot of colors and shades. We wish you an interesting game and find Millie as many times as you need to.
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