When Talking Tom came along, owners of gadgets of all ages were very excited about his appearance. Because this simulator is a great way to have fun. A little later, the game appeared Speaking Angela and Tom, which are now characterized by a variety of subjects. For example, in some versions, it is necessary to ensure the correct and timely care for a kitten Tom, so that over time he could turn into a big and beautiful cat, which, incidentally, do not mind to chat. Also at Oigri.com there is another game Speaking Angela. She is a very small cat that you need to take care of. It is noteworthy that this pussy, like any "Female Person" very much likes to dress up and make up. Consequently, the "toy" is designed primarily for girls.


Free games Speaking Tom and Angela are really useful for children, as they help develop useful skills and character traits. When Angela gets a little older, she will need to buy clothes and generally take care of her appearance. Things are much easier with Tom, but this kitty needs attention and a lot. On our site you can play the game Speaking Tom and Angela with "prolonged" plot. This means that in the future they will get married and have children wonderful kittens. How events will develop, and what fate awaits the characters largely depends on the player. Have fun with your favorite characters and help them build a life together!

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