If you don't know how to motivate your children's interest in music, playing the piano will help. In the Oigri.com section there are several "toys" that will help you learn to play the piano. This musical instrument will not fit in every apartment, and why buy a piano or synthesizer, if you can take lessons on the piano without the instrument. How so? Online games presented on our website in this section are very similar. The principle of action is the same: you need to click with the mouse on the "imaginary piano" to extract sounds that match the notes. You can "fit" up to 9 octaves on one keyboard! That is, all actions are performed with the mouse, except for the variants intended for "Android".


How useful is the Piano game?! This "simulator" promotes the mastery of musical literacy. Yes, we agree that nothing can replace this instrument. But before you can sit on it, you need to know what to do. And without theoretical knowledge, supported by practical extraction and recognition of sounds you can not play even a simple melody. Thanks to games for girls Piano, you can come up with your own melody or learn children's songs from your favorite cartoons. We advise you to take a close look at the individual simulators! Next to it you can often find a very useful and necessary device microphone. Of course, the option "recording" is also available, as well as "playback". Conclude it yourself!

Piano Games online

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