Pou Real Cook

Pou Real Cook

This game offers you to get acquainted with Poue's culinary talent and master his chef recipes. In fact, you will cook in his place. To be more precise, Poue will conduct master classes on cooking, and you only need to remember the procedure and then repeat it in your kitchen if you want. For example, Powe will take a sausage, fry it, cut it and eat it. And you only need to repeat his actions. There will be a lot of recipes, for every taste. You just need to be careful to repeat the actions correctly and prepare a real culinary work of art from a real cook. And he should like it. By playing chef with Powe, you will not only have a good time, but also improve your memory, attention, and learn the culinary delights of cooks. Enjoy the game!
:Control of the game Поу Реальный Повар
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