Representatives of extraterrestrial civilization can be quite nice, bright examples of this are the Luntik and Powe. Free online games that feature these characters, very like kids. But no one knows what planet Powe used to live on. Play the online game with his participation can be right now, because this "smiling jelly-like potato" has just a charming smile. The language does not turn to call this alien "shapeless eye substance. It's noteworthy that other characters are present in Powe's online games. Only the dominant position in them is a mysterious alien!


Play free online games Powe can be on your computer, and without registration. Such "toys" prefer, mostly girls. They can take care of little Powe, wash him, make funny makeup, treat, cook pizza with him, etc. boys are natural defenders, so in online games Powe they can protect him from rain, summer hail, space attack. At you will find a lot of other interesting options with good graphics and more complex plot. Next to this character can not learn the bad, but only the good!

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