Luntik collects jam

Luntik collects jam

Our favorite character Luntic, as we know, is very fond of eating sweets. There is nothing surprising in this, because he is still a baby and, like all children, will never give up a very tasty jam. However, as a nuisance, harmful caterpillar brothers Pupsen and Vupsen decided to play it and hid all the jam so that now the Luntic can not find it. And even if he is lucky enough to find jars of jam, he can't get them. And that's because they are very high. If you don't want our hero to get upset and want to help him, then just help him find all the jam jars. And then our Lunchtime Luntick can always have tea with a very tasty dessert of jam. At any of the levels you will need to break the obstacles so that the jam jar lands right next to the Luntick. Then he will be able to pick up all the jars. The game contains quite a few levels and each subsequent one will be more difficult than the previous one. So get ready for a serious but fun game and help our lunar baby. Enjoy the game!
:Control of the game Лунтик Собирает Варенье
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