Take the ball down the road

Take the ball down the road

This game is designed to test and train logical thinking and speed qualities. On the screen in front of you will be an unusual track, consisting of different squares. The soccer ball will be placed at the very beginning of this track, which is very twisted and mystical. The ball must be cleverly drawn all the way to the hole to hit it. There are five tries to do it. Try to drive the round carefully so that it does not roll over the edge of the track, and at the same time it is not worth slowing down. To win in this game, you must try very hard not to make mistakes. Otherwise, the loss will be counted and you will have to start from the beginning. If you train well in this game, and you will be good at rolling the ball to the hole on a difficult track, then in real life you can improve your skills. During a game of football everyone will notice how much better you are at rolling the ball on the field. We wish you to have an interesting time.
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