This game is primarily for children. Take a quick look at your palms. On each palm there are five fingers, both on the left and on the right. Each finger has its own name and function. The smallest and the lowest finger is the little finger. Do not look that he is a baby. He is responsible for 40% of the power of the whole palm. And now let's look at the biggest finger, which is the shortest but also the thickest. At the expense of it we can grip and hold firmly various objects in our hand. The thumb is followed immediately by an index finger, with which we point to something or someone. And between the index finger and the little finger there are middle and nameless fingers, which provide a full grasp function of our hand. In this educational game you will be asked questions about our fingers, and you will need to show those fingers, about which the question will sound. In this case, our hands will change in turn - first right, then left, and vice versa. Be careful and use the logic to easily handle all the questions and successfully complete the game. 
:Control of the game Пальчики
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