Mosaic - Bouquet for Mom

Mosaic - Bouquet for Mom

This game is a great opportunity to make a beautiful flower bouquet for your mom. In addition, it will be a very unusual bouquet because it will be composed of mosaics. If you really want to please your mom, then make a bouquet of mosaics can without a doubt. To do the assembly was easier, above at eye level will be specially collected mini-picture of the same bouquet of flowers. And all you have to do is repeat the same, but your screen. At the bottom you can see a mosaic of all the necessary colors so that it could lay out a beautiful natural bouquet. If by accident, by mistake, you put one piece of the mosaic in the wrong place, do not worry, because in the game for this case the help is provided. To fix the situation, just click on the little hammer and after that you can put the mosaic again, but now in the right order. We wish you to have fun and make a good present for your mom.
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