Thanks to computer technology, sports from real life were smoothly teleported into the virtual world. The first online sports games simulator table tennis, which was characterized by simplified graphics two sticks and a pixel ball. By 2000, there were football arcades with improved graphics, allowing players to perform many actions. Modern online sports games on the PC are so realistic that gamers feel as if they are in a stadium and there are crowds of cheering fans around them. It is noteworthy that about 1/3 of all online sports games are dedicated to football, which can be explained by the popularity of this sport. But at you can also play other "toys" directly related to the sport.


On our site you can play free sports games online: volleyball, basketball, hockey, tennis. And if you prefer ping-pong, parkour, billiards, chess, checkers and athletics, you can be sure that we have the right options to suit your needs. Pay attention to the latest 3D simulators and sports games online for two with improved graphics, which do not need to download via torrent. Flash versions have a lot of advantages: to play, you do not need to pay money and register. In some versions of "toys" are present not only fans and players, but also commentators!

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