The ability to stand up for yourself is highly valued in a boyish environment. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for it, and so the boys "train" on virtual characters. Online fighting games are so popular that many boys prefer their races, robots and arcades. Scientifically proven that online games about fighting help reduce aggression in children and adolescents, because they take out the evil on the virtual heroes, and not on their peers. It should be remembered that any conflict is easier to solve verbally, and fists is an extreme measure! The site offers those who "itchy fists" to play online games Fighting, where the characters can act athletes fighters, zombies, ninja turtles, soldiers and even cars. Thanks to our website, you can take part in street battles or enter the ring to try hand-to-hand combat techniques on your opponent.


Online fighting games are very similar to arcades and strategies, but this genre has several distinctive features. For example, during a fight, small arms are not used, although, during the fight can be used improvised means. In essence, these are motion simulators, but some "toys" are contraindicated to young children. Popular among children in the age group 10-15 years old enjoy the following online games Fight: "Mortal Kombat", "Naruto", "Karate", "Energy Fighter", "Homeless Hobo", "Fight Without Rules", "Gladiators", "Samurai", etc.

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