Toy car simulator

Toy car simulator

This beautiful game is designed so that it contains three-dimensional graphics. Here you have the opportunity to drive on a variety of models of cars. You just need to select the desired mode of the game from those that it has to offer. Free Run mode offers the opportunity to drive, quietly exploring the neighborhoods of the city, admiring the available sights and picking up coins on the way. There is also an Advance Race Mode where you can compete with other riders to determine the most worthy champion title. Depress the gas pedal to the floor and try very hard to finish first. You should also collect coins while taking part in the races. But the most adrenaline you will get in the arena mode. Here you can fight against more serious cars. You need to try very hard to avoid taking your car out of operation and, at the same time, to disable your opponents' cars as quickly as possible. We wish you mad drive and victory!
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