Three Cats - Uncle Cupcake

Three Cats - Uncle Cupcake

This game is about a funny story about three kittens, which is liked by millions of children but the whole planet. It tells the story of a family of cats, in which a mother cat and a father cat raise three very active and funny kittens. The main emphasis here is on three toddlers kittens, who are very fond of mischievous and no one can treat them. Once, the cat daddy got angry with his kittens, who are called Kompot, Korzhik and Karamelka. To calm them down somehow, he threatened that he would call his uncle Cake, his brother. Uncle did not stay long and quickly came to take care of the kids in his paws. However, the parents miscalculated, believing that the Cupcake will be able to sweet-talk with three little pranksters and calm them down. And all because their uncle likes to have more fun than his nephews kittens. You will have to collect an interesting puzzle and finally learn how this adventurous idea of Daddy's cat ended.
:Control of the game Три Кота - Дядя Кекс
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