Modern combat defense

Modern combat defense

In this excellent strategic game you have to defend your lands from the attacking enemy. Your base is under attack from enemy fighters and the main task is to protect it in every possible way. After passing one level, you can expect an even more massive attack of enemy units on the next. Each new attack on the next level will be more powerful and difficult to repel. Do not forget to collect the coins that remain in the place of defeated enemies. With this money you can buy many useful improvements: more powerful weapons, faster attack, increased life and more. Of the weapons available for money, there is even a flamethrower. If you suddenly can't repel another attack, don't despair. Thanks to the funds collected from the corpses, you will improve your defense and on the second attempt, be sure to turn the enemy into flight. Create your own defense, bravely destroy your opponent's forces and let luck be on your side!
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