Super Mario run

Super Mario run

The game Super Mario run . This is the first game about Mario running, which is available on mobile devices. It is a platform game and the whole process will be watched by a second person. The main character is running on the machine, you will need to control his jumps and adjust their strength. In fact, this game can be played with one hand from a smartphone, as positioned its manufacturer. The game contains a total of 24 interesting levels that you need to go through six game worlds. Since the developer was stressed that the game is multiplayer, then you can not just pass the levels, but also try to set their own records of time and performance, which will be one of the best and serve as an example and purpose to overcome other players from around the world. In addition to all the above, you have the opportunity to create your own unique world for the game, which makes it even more interesting. Start playing, run with the legendary Mario through the magic worlds and become a record-breaker, an example to follow.
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