Moto Extreme 1

Moto Extreme 1

This mini game will appeal to those who really love motorcycle extreme racing. Ahead of the waiting very difficult and scary tests to overcome which only a complete scumbag. There are more than 20 original levels, each of which is full of different barriers, mechanisms and ski jumps. You will play the character of a tough rider, leading a sports motorcycle and need him to arrive at the finish line intact. At each level will be unique traps and troubles. Besides the fact that you need to arrive at the finish line in one piece, you need to do it as soon as possible to get the most stars. The new level will only be accessible after the current one has been successfully completed. There will be three interesting and beautiful locations to choose from: the mountains, the beach and the subway. As the levels go through, the game will become more dangerous, and its complexity will also increase. While speeding, you can additionally perform all sorts of tricks, which will give you a temporary bonus. Enjoy the toughest challenges as well as stunning musical accompaniment.
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