Piece of Zen

Piece of Zen

In this game you will experience Zen, i.e. absolute inner peace and quiet. The background will not be played stressful music, and you will need to cut into pieces various household items, such as: boxes, doors, suitcases, boxes, refrigerators, etc. In the lower left corner, you will see the percentage of material you need to cut. And the scale of achievement will be displayed in the top panel. There are only 20 levels ahead of you, and you will need to show how sharp your vision is when passing through them. At each level, three attempts will be given to cut the object as efficiently as possible and scrap almost half of it. From such an exercise, you will have a great pleasure and learn what it is like to feel the state of Zen. Not only adults, but also small players will enjoy such an activity. Plunge into a state of inner peace and tranquility. 
:Control of the game Кусочек Дзена
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