Knife and Fingers

Knife and Fingers

 This game is based on real dangerous entertainment, when a man with a knife in one hand pokes his tip between the fingers of the other hand. All of this looks pretty scary, if not shocking, but those who have achieved the skill in this entertainment are not afraid to hurt themselves. After all, they do it every day. Here you can really test your agility and coordination of movements. You can safely stick the knife between your fingers at least because it happens virtually, and the cut will not hurt, but immediately disappear. There are three tries for the game, that is, the right to make two mistakes. All you have to do is press the mouse button in time, when the tip of the knife will pass between your fingers. The more right moves are made, the more points are counted. But consider the fact that the speed of the hand with the knife is constantly increasing and it will be harder to catch the moment for the poke between the fingers. But it's worth a try, because this nontrivial entertainment can be really fun. Good luck!
:Control of the game Нож и Пальцы
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