Paper Airplane Flight to Survive

Paper Airplane Flight to Survive

Each of us was a child. And when we were kids, our parents made us airplanes from paper. Launch a flight of such an airplane, a few minutes ago was just a piece of paper, it seemed really an act of magic or a miracle. When he flew away and hid from view, it seemed that there he will get into a fascinating adventure. This game has managed to translate children's fantasies into reality. You will need to control the flying aircraft from paper to help him overcome the maximum possible distance. To do this, you will have to apply their reaction and agility. The flight of the aircraft will be automatic, and the player will need to deftly maneuver and avoid different traps, as well as to bend around obstacles. Try to collect all the bonuses that will be caught on the way, so that your aircraft will be more safe. Interesting and long flight!
:Control of the game Бумажный Самолёт Полёт на Выживание
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