Difficult Life

Difficult Life

 This game belongs to the class of casual, which will provide you and your character hard trials. At the very beginning of the game will be available only one character: a fearless African American, not afraid of the devil. It's him for nothing, because in the game he will have to face a lot of really dangerous traps. To pass the deadly maze and stay alive, you will need to do your best and rely on the help of higher forces. But you need to be strong, because ahead of the whole 15 levels, full of death traps. If you do not die, then only you will become stronger, and your spirit and nerves will strengthen. At each level will be caught the gold stars, which should be collected as much as possible. After all, for the stars you can get a new character. It can be Stickman, Donald Trump, niche or funny alien. Regardless of the character will need to endure various hard trials and go through crazy adventures in a maze. And although it is very difficult, you will surely cope with everything.
:Control of the game Трудная Жизнь
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