Lego Ninjiago Fight Ninja

Lego Ninjiago Fight Ninja

We invite you to plunge into a world where amazing adventures and mysterious crimes take place. On the land of Ninjiago often occur unusual events. To get hold of the secret manuscripts city is constantly under attack by enemies who are trying to capture these artifacts. But on the guard of the sacred land are always legendary ninja masters: the red warrior Kai, blue warrior Jay, white warrior Zane and black warrior Cole. The four of these fighters can repel the attack of any enemy and save all the expensive things for them. In this game you will play a character named Kai master of the elements of fire. He is fluent in the art of sword fighting and can knock out any opponent. The main task of this game is to stay alive. You will be in constant danger on the serpentines, from enemy warriors and other dangerous characters, but you need to stay alive, no matter what it costs. To make up for the health level, collect frame noodles, and to get a combat bonus you will need to get mystical weapons. We wish you endurance and good luck! 
:Control of the game Лего Ниндзяго Драки Ниндзя
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