Penalty shootout

Penalty shootout

This is one of the best games about football and for its real fans. You will take part in the world football championship, where you will have to show real football skills and professionalism. But before moving on to football, you need to choose the state you want to represent. There is a choice from 32 countries: from Russia to Peru. After choosing the country, you will be transferred to the football field. The main task is to score a goal yourself and not let your opponent do it. That is, first you as a player try to score a goal with a penalty. The more goals are scored, the more chances you have to continue to play in the championship. After that, you must already as a goalkeeper catch or repel an opponent's shot at the goal. Accordingly, a penalty kick also increases the chances of your team to win. Therefore, be prepared and pay attention and your team will definitely become a football champion of the world.
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