Trollface against the Zombies

Trollface against the Zombies

Another original game in which the main character is an old friend of Trollface. He, as always, can not live in peace and is looking for different adventures in his soft place. This time, the character got into a very out of the ordinary situation. He is in the very den of zombies and wants to get out of there alive. Here, all the responsibility will be on the player's shoulders. You'll need to fight off the whole crowd of bloodthirsty zombies, which used to be the same trolls. In the beginning it will be possible to play only one hero. To be able to play other, steeper trolls, you need to first strenghten and accumulate the right amount of points. They will then open a new opportunity. To destroy all the twigs of the dead, you need to collect the fist of all his will. We wish you good luck and an exciting game!
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