Running on the tombs

Running on the tombs

This game reminds you probably already familiar with "Temple Run". The main character needs to run as far as possible forward through the narrow aisle in the tomb, which is full of different dangers. There are 6 characters in total for the game. Among them are Mummy, Lara Bones, Professor Jones and others. During the movement you need to collect gems, which later can unlock a new character. Will you be able to get deep and far enough in the tomb? You can find out only when you start playing. Among the dangerous traps on your way will be such as suddenly appearing cliffs, blockages of stones, rolling towards the spiky deck and many others. Improper movement or delay can end for the main character very fast death. Start playing and try to set both personal and general records for the distance covered. You will need luck!
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  • bowtiesmilelaughingblushsmileyrelaxedsmirk
8 July 2019 17:52

Класс тот же Temple Run 2, но можно играть онлайн smiley

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