3D Ball Picker

3D Ball Picker

Is an indescribable, physics-based 3D hyperpopular game. 3D Balls Picker is a hard game with dice and a collection of dice. The player has the ability to perform in 3D Picker to collect balls with only one hand.
Use your own finger speed to collect balls and a collector of coins. Ball Picker can be played on all devices. Performing is quite simple and difficult for everyone. 3D Ball Picker collects colorful balls with magnet support. Make way for your balls by moving your finger. Get as many balls as possible and collect gold coins. Game of Gift
Users have the opportunity to perform and collect balls and insert into holes to get coins and score. Collect 3D dice and earn gold coins to unlock more tempting and challenging values. Dancing colored balls are noticed in this way, in fact that the user has the ability to select balls and reveal fresh seasons of values. A large number of light balls are available for the best user skill. This game looks like a game with a breaker, when the user selects 3d balls and makes his own task.
:Control of the game Мяч комплектовщик 3D
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