Hanger 2

Hanger 2

 Is a quality sequel from this selection, where you'll again try to bring your hero to the end of the level. Just shoot the rope that's clinging to the wall, and you'll sway slowly forward. The challenge is to please the green horizon and avoid different obstacles. If you accidentally hit them, your character may lose some part of his body or die completely. If you reach the end of the level, try to fly as far as possible to assign extra coins. Later you can buy various software or new skins for them. In order to feel what a victory is, you have to make an effort and try to do everything as if you could do everything in fun. It will be important for you to learn to fly and do it for as long as possible. So it's very difficult to fly and hang on the same handle, but it's possible. How to show all your skills and show that you are incapable of winning and cheerful. Good luck to you. Hanger 2 online games that can not play on IgriGo. ru for free.
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