Stack colors

Stack colors

Stack Colors is the block fun of stack colors. In the fun of Stack Colors you collect blocks that are identical in color! Be careful not to amaze different modules! When you press the different colors of the bar, you will lose your life, if you do not have enough, the fun will be over! You need to be fast and accurate in Stack Colours. Stack Colors is easy to play for fun, but hard to learn! Try to take on the best flowers of the rod and pass all the sublevels! Enjoy! It plays on all smartphones or laptops such as the iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and iPod systems. Switch over and put together the right colored bricks when you are controlled by a croupier running alone with the platforms, fool them all to achieve a great result! Avoid the different ones, or you will lose and look around. Join in the fun and get a terrorist attack in the flowers of a rod, which is in fact a simple and time-cutting fun. 100% of 7 players love mobile fun.

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