Last Tank Attack

Last Tank Attack

Are you ready for war? You must exterminate all the tanks you will encounter! You will be able to continue the war by collecting your own forces, collecting support packages on earth. Control your own tank and win the war. Freeze a tank platoon member, and let's challenge all sorts of missions!
Brutal tank battle happens in the real background of the battle!
For such, in order to win the battle, cooperation with friendly units is fundamental.
With the support of smart strategy, you can still defeat massive enemy troops!
Will you be able to freeze as a hero to survive this dark battle?
Now you can download and perform for free! Please press the help button on the start screen and prove the main operations. Reproducible tanks to increase the merit of the mission. Any mission task is displayed in a message box at the top of the screen. Reproducible tanks are unlocked online depending on the campaign. Receive a lot of bonuses and rewards, improve your abilities and strive for the future.
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